Long-term study of Land Use and Land Cover Change in Yangambi [December 2022]

Yangambi Landscape

A study of Land use and Land cover change (LUCC) examined changes in forest cover between 2001-2021 for the Yangambi landscape and adjacent areas (incl. Kisangani and its municipalities). This region represents approximately 1,600,000 ha and is home to 2 million people.

For purposes of conceptualization, planning and communication, the graphics and images presented in this summary cover 6 spatial ‘classes’ or zones: the (1) central, (2) buffer, and (3) transition zone of the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve (YBR, approx. 800 000 ha); an adjacent zone, called the (4) "INERA Concession" (approx. 25,000 ha) and generally considered part of the buffer zone of the YBR; the (5) landscape (“paysage”), and finally (6) the adjacent areas. Throughout the analysis it was apparent that there is a strong interdependence of activities and processes between these ‘classes’.

Over a period of 21 years, it was estimated that approximately 372 383 ha of undisturbed forest was lost to deforestation and/or degradation. This is equivalent to 17 730 ha/year over the entire Yangambi Landscape and adjacent areas. However, since 2017, the disturbance area and associated forest loss has reduced and a gradual increase in regrowth has been observed.

Kim Jacobsen (from study report by Cerutti & Vancutsem)

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