Agricultural Research Archive for DRC, Rwanda and Burundi, 1885-1960 

Picture of the Bulletin Agricole books

Key publications currently available include:

  • Bulletin Agricole du Congo Belge et du Ruanda-Urundi
  • Bulletin d'Information de l'INEAC

All pdf's are searchable. Thanks to optical character recognition (OCR) it is possible to search for keywords, authors, locations, etc. Once you have located the pdf of interest using the search function, a simple ctrl-F will help you to find the search term within the document. 

Kim Jacobsen

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10013908

This digital archive is hosted and curated by the Africa museum ( Funding was provided by the Belgian Science Policy Office ( and the Directorate-general Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD - Belgium). The archive contributes to the objectives of the Belspo-funded initiative "Congo basin eco-climatological data recovery and valorization" (


Unfortunately, despite the RMCA's research, the authors of some paper (volumes) could not be found. The author or his/her legal claimants are invited to contact the RMCA if he/she doesn't agree with this online publication.  

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