SmartWoodID: Revolutionizing Timber Identification

Examples of the intra-variability and anomalies that can be encountered on images of wood

In the battle against illegal timber trade, precision is paramount. The Tervuren Wood Collection introduces a game-changer: SmartWoodID. This database combines high-resolution end-grain scans with expert anatomical descriptions, poised to redefine wood identification through interactive keys and AI-powered vision systems.

Traditional wood identification relies on anatomical assessment, but SmartWoodID takes it a step further. By integrating advanced technology, it creates a robust foundation for tools aiding in species recognition. Covering a diverse array of African tree species, it's a potent weapon against illegal logging. With meticulous attention to irregularities and natural variations, SmartWoodID stands as a comprehensive reference for wood research and promises to strengthen law enforcement efforts.

In essence, SmartWoodID is set to revolutionize timber identification. Its rich dataset and thorough approach pave the way for more effective conservation and regulation in the realm of forestry.

Kim Jacobsen
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